It’s a Matter of Value…

When I set out to make a lasting change in my life, why do some stick and others don’t?  Why do some that did not stick before surface again on the list of things to change?  The more I focus on the pursuit of me, the more I come to realize that motivation is based on value.  Some change is more valuable to me than others. And the value can change over time.

At more than one point in my life, I set out to lose weight and did.  At the moment in time, I placed high value on being trim.  I valued being trim over the satisfaction of certain foods I enjoy.  I valued exercise over more time to relax or do other things I enjoy.  As long as the value was high, I stayed trim.

The value of change becomes relative to other needs.  As an example, at a time when I became stressed over things (let’s say work) I felt I could not control, I became a martyr.  Self pity is accompanied by self doubt and depression.  The need to feel bad for me over valued the need to be trim and my eating habits went to comfort foods.  My value scale for bring trim changed and it fell off the radar.

This is one example of many things I have come to realize are controlled by the value I place upon them.  The lesson is to keep the value of things I desire most high, even when I am challenged to re prioritize.  It is important to recognize when we are tempted to devalue important things in our lives and consciously decide if the revaluation is good or bad for the long term.

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