Watch Your Posture…

Your body posture changes dramatically based on your mood and most of us don’t even realize the change.  The posture supports the mood and so the change comes by instinct.  But what if the correlation is more dependent on each other than a mere reaction to the mood change?

What I am suggesting is that the correlation is a two way street.  If I am happy and then I become sad, my shoulders cave in, my forehead and eye brows frown and my breathing becomes shallow.  My question, “Is the change in my physic a result of my mood change or are they depend on each other?”  If I want to change my mood, can changing my physic back to the happy mode (shoulders up, chest out, smile on my face and deep good breathing) restore my mood.  I say yes.  It is the first step in the triggers that guide mood change.

Next time you catch yourself change moods from something positive to something negative, take note of your physical change…then change it back.  Lift your head, put a smile on your face (even if its forced at first), put your shoulders back, push out your chest and take deep soothing breaths.  Put on a song that make you smile or better yet, makes you dance.  Stretch your hands out wide and scream “Yes!”.  The rest of the mood change back to positive will likely follow.  Better yet, you’ll find yourself in a much more capable mood of deciding how to handle the news or event that caused your mood to change in the first place.

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