Pick and Choose Your Battles…

A great motto to live by.  A motto I often refer to but don’t realize how much I use until I stop to reflect.  Just yesterday, this time tested theory came to the rescue.

In the middle of disagreement with my spouse, I had the foresight to ask myself some important questions:

1.  What do I stand to gain if I compromise?

2.  What do i stand to lose if I don’t compromise?

3.  Is happiness in my relationship more important that this issue to me?

What could have easily been a two or three day argument with lasting repercussions ended about an hour after it started.  Do I still think I was right in my position in the argument?  I do.  Would holding out and potentially proving my point feel good in the long run?  Most likely.  Do I resent giving in and compromising?  No.  Will I hold on to resentment for making peace?  No, I forgive and accept that two people may not alway think alike, but love is a stronger force.

I took the high road.  Next time, I may do so again.  Or next time, it may be more important for me to stand my ground.  Who knows?  What I do know is that yesterday I chose not to battle and today I am glad I did.


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