Overwhelmed? Just Dive In…

Looming over me the last few days was the project of writing up a proposal.  Some come easier than others.  Some are clear in my mind as to what I want to propose and how I will construct my words to support my ideas and sell my conclusion.  Others are almost overwhelming because I have no ideas to start and my mind is a blank.  This proposal was one of the overwhelming ones.

I was reminded as I took one the challenge that the best way to start when your overwhelmed or intimated with a task is to jump in.  Emerge yourself in the detail, however lost you may feel at first.  As you dig your way through the nitty and the gritty eventually you will find you way.  Before long an idea will take shape.  It may take a few iterations to produce the final project you want, but thinking too much about it before starting can only be a waste of time and increase your anxiety and self doubt.

I am reminded of jumping into a pool.  The water may seem cold at first and shocking, but after a few minutes you adjust, you fell good and you start to swim.

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